Uniformidad ROYAL MARINES – Airsoft

Uniformidad ROYAL MARINES – Airsoft

Hundreds of Green Berets from 40 Commando Group have made the journey across the Atlantic to hone their war fighting skills in California’s Mojave Desert, an area that provides excellent training opportunities the likes of which are not available in the UK.

Black Alligator has just kicked off at the US Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Centre in Twentynine Palms. Over the course of several weeks the Commando Group will: undertake live firing with heavy machine guns and mortars; perfect their urban combat drills; and conduct a Battlegroup sized live fire Commando raid, whilst working side-by-side with their US and Dutch colleagues.

Next year will see the men of 40 Cdo take over the nation’s high readiness Lead Commando Group – a contingency force able to deploy anywhere in the world at very short notice – so training and validation of this nature is vital to ensure their combat readiness.

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